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The online shop  your B2B-business customers will love

For Coffee and Everything around Coffee we at Beans help you reach your business customers with the features they want and the coffee focus you need

An easy, quick and customized buying experience means more customers choosing you as their supplier.

Join successful coffee businesses that
moved their wholesale offerings to Beans


Features that strengthen sales and make buying your coffee the customers first choice


As coffee people we’re focused on the features you need

Beans is built around coffee specific features like: customer based discounts and pricing, roles for wholesale customers, production schedules and integration with existing systems to make your life easier. Beans delivers a coffee based solution that doesn't require time consuming configuration to do what you need.

Ready to see features like these and more?

Why Beans will make your coffee business more efficient


Easy to setup & maintain

A single integrated solution for managing and aquiring customers

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Reduced costs and less admin 

Integration to your production means accurate and timely fulfillment

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Focused on your buyers, old and new 

Wholesale roles to present the right products and deals every time

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Successful coffee businesses
are moving to Beans

Integrated with your
existing solutions

Taking orders is priority #1. After that integrating with your production scheduling, accounting, shipping and more means greater profitability, less redundant work and better information across your entire business. That’s why wholesale shop integration is our focus.