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How to get started with Beans

Streamline orders and customize prices, simplify your operations and grow your business effortlessly 


Learn the quick and simple steps to build your wholesale shop with Beans.


Get started with your wholesale shop in 4 easy steps

number-1_3097225 Share your product list with prices
two_3097243 Share your customer list
number-3_16609970 Provide your branding elements for business customers
number-4_16610152 Provide a URL for your wholesale shop

Roastery Demo Account 

Have a look and check what you will experience while using the Beans platform. Discover the power of the Beans Wholesale Suite and the Integrations available in our Admin back office. Manage orders, tailor wholesale prices and discounts, track sales, and engage with your customers seamlessly.

Customer Demo Account 

Have a look and check what your customers will experience while they use the Beans platform. Check your tailored offering and pricing tiers, so that your customers can place orders anytime, anywhere - 24/7.


Step up your wholesale presentation & customer experience with Beans

Already have a wholesale shop?

Check out a joint webinar hosted by our Commerce Experts, Magda (@Beans) and Cassidy (@Cropster) and learn about the essentials of building and managing a thriving coffee eCommerce for your business customers.