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The best way to run your coffee business for your business customers

Simple to setup & efficiency built in


Flexible product offerings and payment methods

Attracting and keeping customers requires flexible product offerings and payment methods.
With Beans that flexibility is built in. You can show customers special pricing, deals and discounts anytime. You can charge on invoice, delivery, via credit card or even cash. It’s your choice.

Ready to see features like these and more?

Grow your business and save costs & time with key features

Integrated Coffee Business Tools

Coffee-specific platform

Coffee-specific platform

Benefit from a platform designed specifically for coffee businesses. We understand your unique needs, making your daily operations smoother and more efficient.

personalized shop link

Personalized shop link

Provide a seamless branded experience with a custom shop link. Make it easy for customers to find and order from your shop online.

blog post creator

Blog posts creator 

Engage and educate your customers with compelling blog content. Share your coffee expertise, stories, and tips to build a loyal and informed community.


Website creator

Create a stunning custom website to enhance your online presence and showcase your brand, products, and story. Connect more closely with your customers.

Customizable storefront

Customizable storefront

Present unique listings, prices and billing for customers with your branding and colors. Beans respects your branding so customers always know who they are doing business with.

multicurrency support

Multicurrency support

Enable customers to view prices and pay in different currencies. Expand your business globally and sell effortlessly to international clients.


24/7 ordering

Let your customers place orders anytime, anywhere. Keep your business open for orders around the clock.

Order management

internal orders

Internal orders

Streamline your internal order management effortlessly. Keep your team and cafes coordinated, and your inventory in check without the usual headaches.

Repeat Orders / Buy Again

Repeat orders / Buy again

Make it easy for customers to reorder their favorite products. They can quickly buy again with just a few clicks.

Manual Orders

Manual orders

Got an order the old way? No worries - enter it manually with ease to keep everything running smoothly.

order reminders

Order reminders

Set up automatic reminders to encourage repeat orders. Don’t let your customer miss your production day!

one click checkout

One-click checkout

Make purchases fast and easy with one-click checkout, reducing cart abandonment and simplifying the buying experience.

Subscription & recurring orders

Subscription & recurring orders

Automate regular purchases for your customers with recurring orders. Save time and ensure your customers never run out of their favorites.

Wholesale Orders Sync with Production Tool - Cropster

Wholesale orders sync with production tool - Cropster

Integrate with Cropster to sync orders with production schedules. Improve efficiency and ensure timely order fulfillment with seamless integration.

Product and inventory management

White Label Coffee

White label coffee

Customize coffee-related products with your customers’ branding. Stand out in the market with unique, personalized offerings that keep your customers coming back.

Custom Product Attributes

Custom product attributes

Add and manage custom attributes for products, allowing customers to filter and find items based on specific characteristics (e.g., roast type, origin).

Variable Products

Variable products

Offer products in multiple variations (e.g., grind,weight) to provide customers with more choices and improve sales.

Stock Management

Stock management

Automate stock level tracking to prevent overselling and keep inventory levels updated in real-time.

Customer relation management

Custom Discount Structures

Custom discount structures

Offer various discount types to attract and retain customers. Whether it’s a percentage, flat price, or special deal, tailor discounts to fit your wholesale strategy.

Unlimited price Levels

Unlimited price levels

Enjoy extensive flexibility with unlimited price levels. Create complex pricing structures to cater to all your customers’ needs and maximize your sales.

Multiple locations

Multiple locations

Get your customers onboard with multiple locations across the world. Expand your reach and manage orders efficiently no matter where your customers are located.

Custom product offerings

Custom product offerings

Create and manage custom product offerings tailored to different customer segments. Showcase only products your customers need.

Customer delivery methods

Customer delivery methods

Beans offers your customers the shipping options and information they need. Plus, you get the security of existing shipping relationships for reliable, on-time deliveries and accurate information en route.

Dedicated Customer Portals

Dedicated customer portals

Provide each customer with their own portal where they can view their order history, track current orders, and manage their account settings.



Integrated payments

Beans supports billing the way you and your customers want it, on account, on invoice, bank transfer, or integrated with a solution like Stripe to streamline payments, reduce costs and administration.

ACH Payments

ACH payment

Offer flexible and convenient payment options with ACH payments. Provide an easy way for customers to pay directly from their bank accounts.

Reports and insights

Reporting tools

Reporting tools

Gain valuable insights with simple, easy-to-understand reports. Track your sales, analyze your customer behaviours, and make data-driven decisions to grow your business.